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Who we are?

Accuramech is a Pune-based manufacturing unit established in 1997, located in the automotive hub of India. This is a precise location for perfect access to some of the best resourcing and manufacturing expertise. Accuramech has been a leading competitor in the line of industries of various mechanical units across the globe for over 20 years.

What we do?

At Accuramech, we work for innovative solutions and trends that will match the current and future business needs of the hollow glass and automotive industries. The company is spread over 18,000 square feet with various functions instilled for design facility, equipment for inspection, testing models, and parts assembly. More than anything, we believe in delivering customer fulfillment. We promise to supply top-notch products that have undergone a series of considerate testing and design phases.

The history of dynamic and progressive thinking

1997. Foundation

HBD was initially established by a French entrepreneur with its primary customer as Saint-Gobain.

2009. We became Saint-Gobain Accuramech

After years of satisfactory service, HBD was acquired by Saint-Gobain. It was renamed Saint-Gobain Accuramech.

2011 - 2013. Global spread of service

Hundreds of new designs were added to the company’s portfolio. Accuramech started selling products to Verallia’s European plants. This resulted in a 100% rise in catalog products. Besides, the company progressed its reach to external customers in India, UAE, and the Middle East.

2015 - 2016. Emergence of diverse product designs

Saint-Gobain group divested Accuramech along with Verallia. The company also began to produce for non-glass industries like Saint-Gobain Abrasive, High Performance & Ceramics.

2017. Products Include Mechanisms

Accuramech adopted different mechanisms for local markets. It developed techniques of baffle, funnel, and blow-head for the Indian manufacturing sector.

2018. Partner in Repair Projects

Accuramech took part in small repair projects of Verallia alongside the hollow glass spare part production. It began facilitating a wide range of services into the field.


Our vision is to emerge as the most credible partner and manufacturing unit to all the mechanical industries and lead progress through a sustainable environment.


At Accuramech, we strive to deliver commendable product quality that enhances the efficiency of your machines and capex. We achieve this by constantly monitoring quality & innovating product cycle. We look forward to building beneficial and valued bonds with our stakeholders & potential customers across various industries.

Our Values

Relentless Technical Development

Sincere Customer Service

Intelligent Product Manufacturing

Exceptional High Quality