Innovative design outlines to tackle your current and
future challenges

Our Services
Delivering customized service and promising standards
to help you build only the best

Our Services
Our Services Bringing Quality and Quantity together at the
most efficient prices
Our Services Raising the bars of expertise in hollow glass, automotive, and
other ensembles

Key Features

We offer various spares, and integral product components essential for a better life cycle.

Innovation Spectrum

Working on efficient product design, assemblies, and constantly reinventing prototypes to suit customer specifications.

Production Process

Both small and large batch processing using ferrous material and sheet metals to manufacture the required volume.

Technical Specifications

Customized service for industry-specific needs and advanced technical team to come up with holistic solutions. 


100% quality control to ensure smooth functionality. Critical and non critical parts go through stringent inspection norms.

Key Figures

At Accuramech, we take pride in the technical acumen of our company. We work together to ensure unmatching services experiences and the professional evolution of product designs

  • 1900+ product types in the catalog
  • 100% parts inspected before testing and assembly
  • 30 industry-mastered employees
  • 30+ client companies from 70 different locations worldwide
  • 20+ years of successful industry experience
Different machining and casting suppliers
New parts developed every year
Parts in the catalog